My day is full speed from early morning to evening, and there’s a wide range of activities that require my attention: talking to members; coaching and working with staff; attending board meetings; or greeting a child with a hug. I want relevant, contemporary style, but it needs to be appropriate for my job and my age—nothing revealing, no plunging necklines and no overly tight clothes. Easy-care knits, such as jersey tops, cardigans and well-fitting pants, offer endless mix-and-match possibilities. It seems I can never have enough dresses and skirts to simplify my wardrobe routine for the day. Black and grey create a great foundation that allows me to mix in bold, solid colours. One thing I never wear? Heels. It’s an active environment, and I never know what I might need to chase!— Mary Kloosterman, CEO, YMCA of Kingston

Ponte Knit Pant (Iris Setlakwe); Jersey Top (Brenda Beddome); Cotton Cardigan