When managing the floor at Tango Nuevo, I need to be thinking only about the quality of each guest’s experience. Style is essential at front of house. I’m hosting more than 160 people on a busy night, greeting them and answering questions about our fusion-tapas menu. Often, I also need to jump in to clear tables and carry trays. Easy-care clothing is the only option. My Brenda Beddome pants go in the laundry each night and are ready the next day without ironing. I also appreciate how comfortable they are. We’re constantly moving between the kitchen, dining room and patio, from air-conditioning to sun and humidity. Clumsy attire is a hindrance. Give me cool, light and streamlined outfits. I don’t need distractions from the job at hand.—Maggie Maple, Manager & Server, Tango Nuevo Tapas & Wine

Jean-Pocket Stretch Pant (Brenda Beddome); Cotton-Knit Crossover Halter Top (Chris James Kingston)