You’ve sent us some interesting questions about the process involved in creating a custom-cut suit. Thanks for the curiosity! It’s inspired us to explain in greater detail why custom suiting is special.

Occasionally, people ask us if a custom-cut suit is simply a stock garment tailored to fit an individual. Nothing could be further from reality. Our custom-cut offering is personalized from the start, based on an exhaustive range of manufacturer’s specifications. For example, S. Cohen builds its custom-cut program on more than 60 body types or patterns. This is a tremendous expansion on the 8 sizes you might typically see in a store offering suits in sizes from 36 to 50.

The first step, therefore, is to identify the base cut from the 60+ body types that best matches the customer. From there, we specify dozens of pre-manufacturing adjustments to the base pattern to personalize the fit of both the jacket and the pants. With jackets, for example, we have the ability to customize fit details, such as sleeve diameter, sleeve length, shoulder points, coat length and waist circumference. On the pants, we are able to direct the manufacturer to amend the waist size, seat contour, length of rise, and leg dimensions from thigh to knee to cuff, among other adjustments.

Beyond these all-important fit considerations that are part of our expertise, the customer participates in the personalization process once we begin specifying the finishings. These style flourishes include your choice of fabric, choice of lining, surgeon’s cuffs, button style and colour, top-stitching, thread colour, pocket style, jacket vent style, lapel style, pant design and more.

It is only after we submit the sum total of the fit and finishing details that the manufacturer creates the suit.

The process of making a custom-cut suit is very different from that of a $3,000 made-to-measure bespoke suit. We believe, however, that at a starting price of $795, our custom-cut suits, which are produced by S. Cohen and Jack Victor, two of Canada’s leading and longest-operating suiting manufacturers, offer exceptional style and value. Our custom-cut suits appeal to any man who appreciates a perfect fit, especially if he finds off-the-rack size options limited, and for anyone who welcomes the opportunity to style a special suit without spending $3,000.

Men’s suiting is our passion, and we love to discuss the merits of our in-stock and custom-cut programs—options that ensure each customer will leave our store with clothing specific to his needs.

If you have any questions about a custom-cut suit or sport coat, connect with us by e-mail, on Facebook, or call the store (613.541.0707).