We’re often asked what the top-priority consideration should be when purchasing a new suit. Style? Fabric? Price? Should I think about where it’s made?
All are important considerations, but one factor tops the list. Fit. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the corporate or creative worlds, going to work, a wedding or another special occasion.

Whatever the circumstances or the season, the fact is that having the right fit allows a man to make a statement without saying a word. Fit is modern. Fit is smart. Fit is confident, capable and comfortable. A well-fitted suit is the uniform of success. A well-fitted $500 suit will outshine the most expensive suit that isn’t cut right for you.

Always the Right Fit

We have a unique approach and a number of options that make it easy to get a suit that’s perfect for you. Each season, we carry an assortment of in-stock suiting brands—S. Cohen of Montreal, Matinique, Digel and Abito—in a variety of cuts from trim to big-man proportions. Our range of cuts and styles provides an option for guy’s of nearly any physique. Beyond the inventory on the floor, we’re able to special order from a wide selection of specialty fabrics and colours.

The S. Cohen Custom-Cut Suit

Even with our great selection, some guys just can’t find the right fit off the rack. Our custom-cut program fills that void. Not only will you get a suit that fits you like a glove, but you’ll be able to select your fabric from more than 100 options and fine-tune the jacket and (trim, contemporary or classic) and pant (trim, classic, pleats or plain) styling

You’ll also have the final word on every finishing detail, including lining, pocket treatment, vents, lapel width, front closure, buttons, and top-stitching style and colour.

Once you go custom, you’ll be a customer for life.  A custom-fit suit provides a man with a distinctive, personalized and confident look at a price that’s extremely close to a suit off the rack.

Other Considerations

• Fabric: If you only own one suit make it medium weight (three seasons minimum) in a high-twist wool
• Colour: Choose something plain or with a small, neat pattern that will work for business, evening and interviews, and will double as a sport coat with other slacks or jeans.
• Style: A two-button, narrow notch lapel jacket with side vents is the height of contemporary style.
• Jacket Length: They’re getting shorter each season, but you should be able to cup your finders around the  jacket hem.
• Sleeves: Show 1/4 to 1/2 inch of shirt cuff
• Pants: Plain front, fairly narrow and hemmed clean to the shoe or shorter. Some guys still want to see a slight break in the fabric, but be sure you don’t leave a puddle of pant hem mounded on your shoes.
Choosing the right suit comes down to confidence and trust. For more than 35 years, our expert staff has been dressing men in stunning suits for business and special events.

It’s our passion.