The story goes that Levi Strauss & Co. created blue jeans in the 1870s. We can thank James Dean, however, for elevating denim from the ranks of durable ranch and work wear to the realm of cool men’s fashion in the 1950s.

Over the intervening decades, design houses have created denim in a variety of cuts and silhouettes. There is no doubt that, from humble beginnings, jeans have evolved into a fashion staple in every clothing collection.

We’ve done our fair share of blue-jeans experimentation at Chris James with the help of some of our favourite brands. In 34 Heritage, however, we ultimately found a jean that best fit our mantra—quality, fashion and value.

The 34 Heritage brand stands tall among the world’s leading manufacturers of premium denim. It’s the only thing they do. The 34 Heritage collection is sold at leading menswear stores across the globe. The company’s manufacturing plant, which is based in Turkey, is entrusted with producing private-label jeans for prestigious retailers such as Harry Rosen, Giorgio Armani, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Ermenegildo Zegna, Hugo Boss and Burberry.

Clearly, we’re not alone in liking their style.

In addition to uncompromising workmanship and signature hand-finishing on their jeans, the 34 Heritage reputation is built on a flattering, clean cut. In a “Eureka” moment, the company’s designers borrowed an idea from athletic wear and ingeniously incorporated a small percentage of Lycra into all the fabrics in the collection. This tweak on traditional denim improves the fit and forgiveness of 34 Heritage jeans, and ensures they comfortably move with you.

When Chris James introduced the 34 Heritage collection in 2013, we offered only three colours—a light blue, a dark blue and a black denim. We sold all but one pair. Building on that success, we’ve expanded the selection to include a diverse mix of 19 washes and fabrics in two no-fail fits: Courage, our popular classic straight cut, and Cool, our skinny jean. There’s something to satisfy every taste in denim finishes from traditional indigo and over-dyed dark washes to sanded and distressed finishes, plus cotton-twill jeans in tan, caramel, black and two shades of grey.

The 34 Heritage brand is also leading the way in what I’ll call the convergence of casual and dress pants. The popularity of slash/casual has put pressure on designers to devise solutions for guys who want to stylishly dress down for work or to comfortably dress up for play.

Few things are as versatile as a pair of beautiful jeans, especially when they’re paired with a collared shirt and sport coat. But for those occasions when you need a more polished look, 34 Heritage has an answer in its upscale “luxe” collection. Available in heathered charcoal and mocha, plus double-dyed black, the 34 Heritage casual-cut luxe options wear and feel like jeans, but clean up like a dress pant any day of the week when put together with a sport coat, dress shirt and tie.

The jean revolution has moved well beyond blue and continues to evolve. Visit the store today to find out what you’ve been missing.